Going round in circles

Drills – Stage 1: Circles

This is the easiest way to get used to turning the bike and a great way of fine tuning body position circle by circle.

What do you need?

Bike, bike gear, paved / tarmac area free of obstructions in approximately 10m x 10m space (or larger).

Other useful things?

Phone, chalk, tape measure, camping chair, water, snack, traffic cone.

What do you do?

Pick a paved area that doesn’t have any obstacles, minimal gravel and no things to hit

If you are a beginner just start going round in large circles. Putting a traffic cone in the middle of the area may help as a reference point to turn round.

Once you get the hang of going round in both directions it is time to get a bit more disciplined with the circles.

We like to use a 4m radius circle chalked on the ground, with a second circle around 4.3m (30cm, or 1 foot) in radius. Get a piece of string and measure 4m. Get someone to hold one end and keep still (or get a weight and tie one end to it