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Track Days: Getting Started

The PSRA hosts scheduled track days for its members at both the Regina and Saskatoon circuits.  Track days exist for riders to practice technique, race craft, and above all; enjoy motorcycles on a closed course.  Track days offer a relaxed environment for improving skills or tuning bikes. 


Track days are not competitive but do require an applicable bike (to address both safety precautions and track preservation).  Please see the motorcycles and classes pages for details.  The schedule page describes when and where track and practice days take place.  Please feel free to contact us for more details or find out when you can come visit or try a bike!


Preparing your Bike

PSRA track days are among the most cost-effective ways to get into competitive motorcycling.  Most applicable machines are easy to find, cheap to buy, maintain, and track prep.  Below is an example of the steps that must be taken before a bike can get out on track (contact us for full details!):

  • Sliders: Plastic guards to protect both the bike and the track in the event of a tip-off. 

  • Catch Can: Repository for overflow lines to feed into so as to avoid spilling material on the asphalt.  In the case of liquid cooled motors, antifreeze should be swapped to distilled water or engine ice. 

  • Safety Wire: Critical nuts, bolts, and connections must be safety-wired to avoid loosening.

  • Maintenance: The bike, its brakes, tires, and serviceable parts in general must be in good, safe, working condition.


Preparing Yourself

Although safety equipment must be worn (details can be found on the gear page), there are other things to keep in mind when preparing for a track day:

  • Safety is Key: Track days are not races, and therefore you cannot win a track day.  You can, however, lose a track day. 

  • Your Bike is Speaking to You: Motorcycle setup is crucial—from tire pressure to suspension adjustments. Your bike will communicate its problems to you, but only if you’re patient enough to understand its feedback around the track.   

  • Everyone is Learning: Beginners, experts, and everyone in between is at the track to improve their skills.  Track days offer the opportunity to learn from one another, share information, and become better riders. 

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