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Racing: Getting Started

The PSRA hosts regional races at both the Regina and Saskatoon circuits.  An inter-provincial (national) series also includes races held at the Strathmore Alberta circuit.  This form of racing is among the most accessible in motorsport for several reasons:

  • Low Cost: Most classes of mini road racing motorcycles are inexpensive to purchase, maintain, and modify for competitive racing.

  • Varying Entry Points: Race classes are defined by type of motorcycle, but also by demographic and skill level.  Novice racers can begin in classes that are safe and reduce the intimidate factor of being on-track with expert riders.  

  • Class Crossover: Several types of motorcycles apply to more than one class--thereby maximizing the amount of racing available to a rider.

For most riders, the most attractive part of racing in the PSRA is the close competition.  The motorcycle classifications are carefully defined to make bikes within a class as close as possible in terms of performance.  While certain models may have slight advantages (such as horsepower), those advantages are often offset by weaknesses in other areas (such as weight or corner stability).  Thus, racing tends to be very close, highly competitive, and an exercise in strategy or race craft.  Please see the classes and rule book pages for complete details on machines applicable to racing.  The events page covers when and where races are held.  Contact us for more details!

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