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2013 Endurance Race Results

posted May 26, 2013, 10:30 PM by Admin Account
Six team blew in on a windy but great day on May 25.  We had two teams drop off due to various mechanical issues.  Team Double Trouble (Jana and Robyn Ham) withdrew first.  Rumor has it that there was some issues with a recent tune up.  Rumor also has it that they were their own mechanics.  But who am I to spread rumours.  ;)  Team Piston Broke from Saskatoon (Emil Peev and Travis Sproxton) had a very unfortunate "break" of a flat rear tire over 90 minutes into the race during lap 100.

After two hours of solid riding, it is amazing how close the four remaining teams came.  The 2013 PSRA Spring Thaw Endurance Winner is Team White Lightning from Saskatoon!  Congrats Jon Archibald and Dave Armet, you won with a total of 127 laps!  And that included time for one crash!  Well done and thanks for keeping the crash close to the stands so we could see it.  Very graceful.  :)

The other three teams all tied with 126 laps - told you it was close!  This included some gas stops and another crash, I believe.  Congrats to Team Broken Spoke (Brooke Ham and Rodney Bennie), Kustome Cave (Jay Eiswerth, Dave Leslie, and Brett Leslie), and the team formerly known as Team Romance (Kevin and Sharon Ham) before they added a third (Ryan Claffey).

Thanks so much to our volunteers:
Shawn and Jonathan Finn
Bill Claffey
Brock Hunter
Marcien Leclerc
Greg Christopherson
Heather Dennis

Also a big thanks to our medical coverage by Beating Hearts!  We are happy that you had a boring afternoon and were not called into duty.