PSRA Membership
To participate in our local track sessions, you will need a membership to our club.
Adult - $50/year (16 years and up)
Youth - $25/year (under 16 years of age)
Family - $100/year

Track Sessions
We hold half day sessions on a weekend (approximately 4 hours long) or evening sessions during the week (approximately 2 + hours long, depending on sunset).
Half Day:
Adult #1 - $40
Adult #2 - $35 (discount for all additional adults from the same household)
Youth - $20 (under 16 years of age)
Adult - $25
Youth - $15 (under 16 years of age)

Club Bike Rental
We have a few bikes available for regular club track sessions as well as for a race event.
Track Sessions - same price as the track session fee, fuel is included (i.e. an adult would pay $25 bike rental for an evening)
Race Event - $100 for the weekend, fuel is extra
Note:  users of PSRA bikes are responsible for any damage incurred.

New for 2014, we purchased transponders!  PSRA members can purchase their own from the club or rent one per track session.
Purchase - $150 per device (the club will buy it back if you no longer need it)
Rental - $10 per device per track session.  A deposit MUST be provided.  Members have three options for deposit:  $100 OR your truck keys OR your drivers license
Note:  your first year subscription is included in purchase.  It is about $65 per year after that, paid by member directly online after they are registered.

Race Event
We offer discounted fees for our National Event in June to those participants that pre-pay.
Adult - $100
Youth - $60 (under 16 years of age)
Family - $200
Registrations paid after the deadline are full price.
Adult - $140
Youth - $80 (under 16 years of age)
Family - $260
See the registration form for the deadline this year.  Typically it is about a week prior to the event.

Personal Test and Tune
If you wish to book a personal test and tune session, please contact an Exec member or email info@psra.ca for more details.
Adult - $25
Youth - $15 (under 16 years of age)